Scott Wyatt and his Family
Scott Wyatt and his Family


Scott believes that our part of Virginia is one of the finest places to live. We know our neighbors; we care about our communities; and we want our children to carry on the same values that have made our communities strong.

Because family and community represent what Scott believes is most important, it became increasingly hard for him to stand by and watch what was happening to our great Commonwealth.

Scott has served Hanover County as supervisor for the Cold Harbor district for the past four years. Fellow board members and colleagues know him as a strong advocate for local business while making sure that we retain our rural roots and we plan for development at a rate that makes sense for Hanover.

When Medicaid expansion passed last year, Scott was really frustrated.

By passing Medicaid expansion, the General Assembly forced Hanover County, and all the other counties across Virginia, to deal with extra costs.

Starting next year, Hanover County, and everyone else, will be responsible for paying part of the costs of Medicaid Expansion while making sure we keep our taxes low and funding our schools at the levels required.

The sentiment Scott found while talking to folks all over the community was widespread disappointment with our elected official, Delegate Chris Peace.

In spite of representing one of the most conservative districts in the state, he championed and voted for Medicaid expansion.

It felt like after 12 years in office, Chris had lost his way and had decided that the lobbyists at the General Assembly mattered more to him than the opinions of his constituents.

That’s why, at the urging of a number of friends across this community, Scott decided to seek the office for Delegate of Virginia’s 97th House District.

Scott looks forward to meeting you and hearing your concerns, in particular, how we can improve the 97th district for all of its residents.

You can contact Scott at (804) 442-6895 or via e-mail at