Scott Wyatt attending the March for Life
Scott Wyatt attending the March for Life


Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion is a primary reason Scott Wyatt is running for Delegate. Scott strongly opposed Medicaid Expansion. By passing Medicaid Expansion in 2018, the General Assembly forced Hanover County, where Scott serves as a Supervisor, and all the other counties across Virginia, to shoulder extra costs.

Starting next year, all localities in Virginia will be responsible for paying part of the costs of Medicaid Expansion while making sure they keep our taxes low and funding our schools at the levels required.

Taxes & Spending

As an elected official, Scott Wyatt has never voted for a tax increase. Hanover County, where Scott is a Supervisor, has the lowest tax rate of any county in the greater Richmond area.

If elected to the General Assembly, Scott will take the same approach, voting no on tax increases and working to decrease taxes and spending.

Scott Wyatt is a true conservative who believes in the principles of limited government and a free market.


Scott Wyatt is a pro-life social conservative. He has attended the National March for Life in DC consistently for a number of years. If elected he will be a solid pro-life vote.


Scott Wyatt is an advocate of ensuring taxpayer dollars go directly to the classroom. In many localities education spending is wasteful with teachers getting short-changed. Scott has fought for teachers and believes our public education must be properly funded, without waste, and is strongly supportive of teachers in the classroom.

Crime & Public Safety

As a Supervisor in Hanover County, Scott Wyatt has a strong record of support of our law enforcement, public safety, and EMT personnel. Law and order are essential for individuals to co-exist freely; these are essential functions of local government and the bedrock of a civil society. Local law enforcement is the second line of defense against crime, with the first line of defense being our Second Amendment rights.

2nd Amendment

Scott Wyatt is a fierce defender of our Second Amendment freedoms. He is a hunter and a Life Member of the NRA.