Scott Wyatt and his Family
Scott Wyatt and his Family


Statement of Supervisor Scott Wyatt on the Upcoming Convention

“We believe the convention should and will be held this Saturday at Atlee High School.

“The Chairman of our LDC has legal standing, has determined the convention should go on, so it will go on.

“We support Chairman Miller in that decision.

“To change the process now would be like changing an election on election day. All of us know that once election day has arrived there is no turning back.

“If the Peace campaign wishes to dispute or contest there are proper methods of an appeal, with the 1st Congressional District Committee.

“We believe they feared a loss at the convention. Because of this, they’ve decided to engage in a side-show, which has now dragged on and on.

“If they really thought that what is occurring is on improper legal footing, they would have followed the normal appeals process.

“RPV chairman Jack Wilson acted inappropriately, blatantly tipping the scales. RPV’s State Party Plan doesn’t allow for a nomination process to be canceled when it is near completion. They are not even following their own rules.

“Mr. Wilson has not maintained the neutrality as the chairman of our state party. His actions have potentially caused participants to be disenfranchised.”