Scott Wyatt and his Family
Scott Wyatt and his Family


May 2, 2019
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LDC Chairman Tom Miller Has Acted Appropriately by Proceeding with the Convention

Hanover, VA –¬†Jeff Adams, legal counsel representing the Wyatt campaign released the following statement:

“The 97th LDC chose a convention as the nomination process for the District. That process is well underway, with each of New Kent, Hanover and King William Counties having held their mass meetings and selected their delegates.

“Recently the Peace campaign and its supporters on the LDC have tried to obstruct the convention, presumably because they believe that Delegate Peace fared poorly in the mass meetings. By undermining the convention, they hope to create a pretext for changing the method of nomination and, in effect, giving their candidate a second bite at the apple.

“Under the Party Plan and Robert’s Rules of Order, the LDC has no power to change the method of nomination mid-stream. Changing the method now would be out-of-order, as a matter of parliamentary procedure. More fundamentally, changing the method now would be fundamentally unfair, not only to the candidates, but most importantly to the 1,668 Republicans who participated in the mass meetings and have every right to expect and demand that their votes be honored.

“The actions of LDC Chairman Tom Miller have been entirely appropriate in addressing the extraordinary efforts by the Peace campaign and its supporters to obstruct the convention and violate the most fundamental rules of the party, and of fairness. If anyone disagrees, the Party Plan itself provides a process by which Chairman Miller’s decisions can be appealed to the 1st Congressional District Committee and, ultimately the State Central Committee of the Party. However, no appeal of Chairman Miller’s decisions has been made, which is perhaps the best evidence that he has acted with commendable discretion and restraint, and in conformity with the Party Plan.”